úterý 13. ledna 2009

Zima v Holandsku

Zapsal: Karel

Ahoj cykloturisti, napsal mne kamarad z Holandska.

Pristi rok prijede na prohlidku vetrnych mlynu v CZ.


Hello Karel,
After 12 years we finally have our ice on the rivers in Holland.....

> From August 29th -- September 6th we have our TIMS mid-term Excursion
to the Czech Republic. We will tour with a bus of about 50 peoples and
see all your mills.
I come to your country, maybe we can met each other on monday, the day
after the excursion!!
We will receive the final details of the tour at the end of July so I
do not know which cities we will see. The Excursion starts and ends in
Bye, Wiard

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